About me

Zev Goldstein - programmer with additional capabilities

I’m a full-stack polyglot developer currently residing in Morgantown, WV.
When I’m not coding, you can find me playing music or devil’s advocate.

I’m particularly well versed in Go, PWAs, and Firebase.
Contact me if you are looking for a speaker on one of these topics.

Appleseed.vote - CEO and cofounder

I’m currently the CEO and cofounder of Appleseed.vote. We are a voting startup building a better way to vote directly on issues you care about. In other words, we envision a future were you vote on things, not people. Check out our company blog to learn more.

Bloomberg LP - Systems Infrastructure Champ

I started at Bloomberg as a full stack developer. Over time, I found myself wearing the hats of scrum master, project leader and champ. For the non-Bloombergers out there, champs are the developer experience conduit between the application developers and the infrastructure teams. In my department, there were 2 champs and about 400 devs. We were the ones developers came to when they wanted guidance or ran into a problem that they couldn’t find a good solution for. If those solutions already existed, it was our job to know about them and educate. If not, we made sure that the use-case made it back to the right infrastructure team and was prioritized correctly.

My personal motto in this role was That's what I do. I drink, and I know things.

Case Western Reserve University

Aaaah college. That place where we paid a lot of money in order to be employable.
Some of us even managed to learn a few things.